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White Hart Inn, Llanddarog, Carmarthen, SA32 8NT.


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White Hart Inn - Llanddarog, Carmarthen.
The Coles Family at the White Hart Inn
Marcus and Cain Cole at the Coles Brewery and Distillery

We are not a large corporation. The Coles family are made up of 7 members. This all started in 1994, when the Coles family purchased the White Hart, Marcus and daughter Jessica are the chefs, they prepare and cook all your delicious meals. Annabelle and Angelica are the waitresses, they serve you and prepare all our puddings for you to enjoy. Cain, he’s the barman who greets you when you walk in. He is also the head brewer behind all our great ales. Tallulah, well she’s the youngest member of the family so she just loves to help and involve herself wherever she can. As a family we take pride in what we do. We use the finest ingredients to produce the best products. Cain and Marcus are the head distillers, so they are in charge of the perfect spirit coming off the still, then it is a family effort to bottle and taste test all our products. We hope to see you soon.

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