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Coles Distillery - Llanddarog, Carmarthen



Rum production at the White Hart Inn Llanddarog

Rum made in Wales? yes the idea came while holidaying in the Caribbean, on the island of Jamaica . Marcus one of the distillers said after drinking a few rum cocktails "wouldn't it be good if we could make rum in Wales", so after some research, about what went into making a quality rum and where we could source the main ingredient in rum making MOLASSES.


After months of trials to make a smooth drinking rum with plenty of character a recipe was formulated with three simple ingredients,molasses from tropical plantations, yeast imported from the Caribbean and water from Wales

Coles Welsh Rum - Filled with Passion & Pride

Coles smooth rum is hand-crafted using traditional methods at the Coles distillery, West Wales in an area of outstanding natural beauty rich in folklore, myth and legends.


Our Welsh rum is the first rum to be produced in Wales from molasses, most rums from Wales are actually made in the Caribbean and bottled in Wales and call it Welsh, this is what makes Coles rum different to most Welsh rums.

Rum is made from a plant called sugar cane, it looks like bamboo canes and these are pressed to release the sweet juice which is boiled down to a christalised texture, it is then spun to release excess juice which is thick and black in colour and has a sugar ratio of 70-80% which we call molasses. The first stage is to ferment the molasses to 8% this takes 5 days in a warm controlled environment.​


Next it's time for the wash to enter the still to over 40 copper distillation plates and the end result is a light, smooth rum with caramel and toffee notes. From this point all our rums head off in different directions depending on what style of rum we want to produce.


This product is used straight off the still, as the quality is so good and smooth there is no need to do anything


With this rum we infuse it with lots of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, orange and nutmeg.


We take our white rum cut it to 63%abv and fill 200 litre oak barrels that have been charred and roasted. This will change the colour and taste of the white rum to a gold colour with more flavours a bit like a whisky.


Our dark rum is allowed to rest in oak barrels for over five years and is probably one of the oldest and most mature rums in Wales maybe even the whole of the UK. The woody notes and flavours are more intense and best served on the rocks and should enjoyed like a good whisky.

White Hart Inn - Llanddarog
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